Authors of political works should be transparent. If ordinary job seekers are required to have a résumé, then surely people whose words and ideas can influence millions should have a résumé as well.

You can find my résumé @ DavidBlomstrom.com.

Very briefly, I’ve been called a liberal, right-winger, socialist, communist, Nazi and traitor. Funny thing is, no one has ever called me any of these things to my face, except for one idiot who called me a “socialist.”

In fact, I don’t think communism (hard core socialism) is any more evil than capitalism. However, I don’t think communism would be a good fit for many, if any, modern nation states. Nevertheless, if another country wants to embrace communism, that’s their business.

I love socialism, in the broad sense of the term. However, I’m more a fan of the so-called mixed economy, combining capitalism and socialism.

In the broad sense of the term, I’m a liberal, yet I loathe the Seattle liberals who surround me.

I also have a passionate hatred of Democrats, Republicans, media whores, union whores, what I call “free market capitalism” and Jewarchists (corrupt Jews).

All these concepts are difficult to explain in a few paragraphs, and if you don’t have a high PQ (political IQ), then you probably won’t understand, anyway.

As a student of political science and philosophy, I’ve put a lot of thought into my beliefs. Which doesn’t mean I know it all; I’ve been wrong about various things before – like the time I enlisted in the Navy.

But I try to learn from my mistakes.

In summary, few authors are more transparent than me. The best place to learn about my beliefs and political ideals is actually KPow Books, where you can peruse a variety of books I’m working on.

Incidentally, it may not be 100% accurate to call myself Seattle’s only activist (though I don’t recall ever meeting another activist in this creepy city), but I may be the only activist in the nation who promotes Huawei’s awesome smartphones. Huawei is the Chinese company that pResident Donald Trump and the Jews declared war against.

I used a Huawei Mate 30 Pro to take photos for my book SeaWA Politix, and you’ll find a few of my photos in Jews 101 as well.

If a patriot’s duties include protecting his country from his government, then we should also protect our country from the corrupt corporations and special interests that control our government. In that spirit, I heartily encourage you to buy a Huawei smartphone.

It’s probably far more secure from surveillance than a Google phone and maybe even an iPhone, and the camera(s) rocks.

Check it out @ www.huawei.com/us.