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However, please see my article about the media whore Michael Kelly. This page is also dedicated to all the veterans I’ve met who have one foot in the grave. Some are homeless, while others are one paycheck away from the streets. I work with some who were stuck in dead-end jobs even before they were downsized by automation. Some are now swing-shifters, while others are working part-time. Most are too stupid to know who the enemy is; they support the very Teamsters who are stabbing them in the back. Some call me racist, even though they enlisted in the military so they could help slaughter Muslims in Iraqistan.

One brain-dead ex-marine called me a pile of shit on a pile of shit because I’m a “Holocaust denier.” Wow, real intellectual, huh?

Given the state of our economy, I wonder if any of these morons will ever be able to retire. Fortunately, freedom fighters around the world have retired a lot of U.S. veterans permanently. I’m drooling over the possibility that our clueless leaders might start a war with China. Imagine thousands of tax-subsidized military personnel coming home in body bags!